How Money Muscle Started

How did Money Muscle get started? First, some difficult things happened, then awesome, then a lot of hard work, and BAM! Money Muscle was started.

That's the short version. For the longer version, we need to go back a few years. The journey now started in high school, when Ashley almost lost her dad. He had struggled with heart problems for many years, and to watch that struggle was difficult. Because of this, she knew she had to make changes in her own life and took it upon herself to change her eating and exercise habits. She hired health and fitness professionals who helped her with meal planning and creating workouts and also studied on her own. She changed her entire lifestyle, and ultimately, changed every aspect of her life for the better.

In 2017, Ashley got her first spark to start her own business. Fitness had transformed her both physically and mentally and helped her in so many ways, so she decided to dedicate her accounting talents to helping those whose fitness talents had helped her. Money Muscle is Ashley's way of providing the support that health and fitness professionals need to be successful in their ventures.


Why Fitness?

While fitness professionals are adept at helping others with health and wellness, many aren't as knowledgeable about taxes and the tax benefits they could be taking advantage of. Ashley, The Fit CPA, seeks to help them be successful with their business, so that they can continue creating success stories with their fitness clients.

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